Ronald Leenes

I have had a crush for flying metal for as long as I remember. Here is where I keep memories of my encounters with them.

I visited airshows (Le Bourget, for instance) when I was a child, but later in life things got me busy and away from planes.

My interest in air shows was revised when my brother called me "we're on our way to the Volkel Airshow, wanna join?" in 2008 or so.


Over the years, I have visited many airshows and bases and slowly improved both my equipment and my skills.

After a failed attempt to get decent air-2-air photos in June 2016 (the weather was so bad that all planes on the roster to pose for us cancelled), my dream came true in 2017. The marvelous Aviation photocrew (thanks Eric) took me on board of their photoship and off we went in the sky.

I have now decided to also make my humble work available for inspection by you. Let me know what you think.

Twitter: FlyingMetalPix